Multiple instance Activitywatch remote server setup for time tracking

Posted on October 23, 2021 · Tagged with linux, windows, setup, time-tracking, activitywatch

Intro My setup includes several laptops, a desktop, and a storage server. Because I split my time across multiple projects, and sometimes I have a dedicated laptop for one project, I find this setup to be useful. For some time I’ve wanted to take a closer look at how exactly I spend my time during the day, for both personal projects and client work. I’ve tried other solutions in the past but they didn’t work very well.

Setting up the new blog

Posted on February 18, 2021 · Tagged with blogs, blogging, setup

Previous setup Previously I was writing a blog using the following: Emacs + Org-Mode + Jekyll. Here is a short assessment of that setup: The pros: Emacs tries to pack as much functionality as possible without the need for external dependencies Org-Mode allows you to have runnable code blocks and include the results of said code blocks inside the rendered version of the documents. The active document concept is really nice (but nowadays that’s also achievable with Jupyter)