Packing, encrypting and uploading deliverables

Posted on October 30, 2021 · Tagged with bash, encryption, deliverables, shipping, projects


Sometimes when I do client work, I don’t have time to set up Git repositories. When the work is done, I generate the invoice based on the time spent on the project, and I have to ship the deliverables.

Recently I’ve been working on a C# project, and I use a Windows10 laptop where I happen to have a WSL installed.

I could set up a continuous integration (CI) environment to trigger builds for every commit, and have the binaries available in some artifact repository, or I could set up a file server for this and use scp or sftp, but again, that’s not the case.

Transferring the deliverables by e-mail doesn’t always work because sometimes the e-mail provider will block attachments that contain binaries or exceed a certain size.

Because of this I needed a simple solution to just pack the deliverables (with strong enough encryption, data + headers) and just upload them to a file sharing service.

File sharing services

I’ve had a look at existing file sharing services, and specifically I wanted to find something that:

  • allows direct download (no waiting times, no pop-ups, no ads)

  • doesn’t require registration

  • supports upload using curl

  • does not require me to use a browser for the upload

  • is free

There are many such services but these ones were a good fit for this use-case:

servicemin expiry timemax sizedirect download

1 day

100 MB


14 days

1 GB


1 day

500 MB


Upload script

To run this script you’ll need some packages installed:

sudo apt-get install p7zip-full jq makepasswd curl

And the script itself:
PASS=$(makepasswd --chars 40)

if [[ -e "$DIR" && -d "$DIR" ]]; then
    rm -f $ARCHIVE
    find "$DIR" -name "*.dll" -or -name "*.exe" | xargs -I{} rm "{}"
    7z a -r -p$PASS -mx=9 -mhe=on -t7z $ARCHIVE "$DIR"

    echo "Password:" > pass.txt
    echo "$PASS" >> pass.txt
    echo "" >> pass.txt
    echo "Mirrors:" >> pass.txt
    curl -F "file=@$ARCHIVE" | jq -c -r '.link' >> pass.txt
    curl --upload-file ./$ARCHIVE$ARCHIVE >> pass.txt
    echo "" >> pass.txt
    curl --upload-file ./$ARCHIVE >> pass.txt
    echo "" >> pass.txt
    echo "Invalid directory as argument"


Here’s a usage example, creating a directory with a file in it, using the script to create the encrypted archive, and afterwards displaying the urls where it was uploaded together with the password.

user@home:/tmp/sandbox$ mkdir test1
user@home:/tmp/sandbox$ echo "test" > test1/test.txt
user@home:/tmp/sandbox$ ./ test1
user@home:/tmp/sandbox$ cat pass.txt

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